👋Welcome to Asalytic

Asalytic is an NFT aggregator on the Algorand blockchain. It tracks sales and listings from the most popular marketplaces in the ecosystem.

Portfolio Analysis

We provide Portfolio Analysis of any active NFT wallet in the space. The user is able to analyze their purchases, sales, listings, and offers from all the marketplaces in one place. Additionally, they are able to customize their portfolio by choosing their favorite NFTs, collections, and creators. By setting up notifications, they stay up to date and do not miss any NFT activity in the ecosystem.

Collection Analysis

We extract on-chain and off-chain data for every NFT collection on our platform. This data is presented in a user-friendly way in order to help the customer make a well-informed decision before buying their next NFT on Algorand. All the NFT listings from the collection are aggregated from the most popular marketplaces and the user is able to explore the whole market before buying their next digital asset. By analyzing the sales, they can observe the data and see which NFTs are most valuable. The owner's page gives them an indication of the fellow collectors of that particular collection.

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