Do not struggle to find all of your listings and offers across your favorite marketplaces. Always know the most valuable NFTs in your Portfolio. Observer your most profitable and not so much profitable trades.

On the Portfolio Activity, we show all of your activity across the NFT ecosystem on Algorand. By using the collection and creators filters that are only enabled in the Premium Tier, you can easily find any purchase transaction, sold transaction, or current listings across the most popular marketplaces, or see whether you have received an offer on your listed NFTs. In the Free Tier, the Collections and Creators Filters are disabled which means that you would not be able to see the aggregated stats of that wallet for the collection/creator of interest, and also you would not be able to easily see the NFTs of the collection of interest. All the other features on this page are the same in both Tiers. Read more about how to use the Activity Page under the Premium Tier section.

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