Asalytic tracks all the NFT sales that happen on the Algorand blockchain. Whether a given wallet bought or sold an NFT via one of the most popular marketplaces or made a P2P trade, we record the sales based on the on-chain activity. Using this enormous sales data, we extract value by aggregating it, organizing it, and presenting it in a user-friendly way on our platform. This enables our customers to gather better insights about the NFT activity on Algorand, see all of their personal activity, or the activity of any active wallet in the space. Depending on the customer's needs, we offer two types of access tiers on our platform: Free and Premium Tier. The Free Tier enables you to see the aggregated NFT data of any active wallet in the NFT space and explore the Owned, Listed, and Purchased NFTs for the specified wallet. Using the Free Tier, users are able to easily get a glance at the performance and holdings of any wallet of interest. For the more advanced users, we offer Premium Tier. This tier unlocks all of the locked features on the platform, enables in-depth analysis of any wallet in the space, gives you access to the owner's page of each collection, brings personalized experience on Asalytic, allows you to do multi-wallet aggregated analysis, and enables you to set up notifications.

In the following two sections, we will explain in more detail both of the tiers and also we will talk about the differences and the benefits of the Premium Tier.

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