On the Home Page of your portfolio, you are able to define how every user on our platform will experience your Digital Assets collection on Algorand.

The Premium Tier enables you to customize your favorite NFTs, Collections, Creators, and Listings. On the other hand, for the Free Tier, all of the data on the home page is chosen at random.

On this page, we have four sections and each of them can be configured in the Settings Tab.

  • Favorite NFTs - shows an image carousel of your selected favorite NFTs. If you haven't selected any favorite NFTs in the settings on your portfolio, we are showing randomly some NFTs from your wallet.

  • Favorite Collections/Creators - shows an aggregated view of all of your favorite collections and creators sorted by floor value.

  • Favorite Listings - shows an image carousel of your favorite listings. Here you can promote your listings and only select the ones that have the biggest potential for selling fast.

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