Always know how diversified your portfolio is. Observe how much weight each collection or creator has in the total value of your potfolio. Have clear insights about your investments.

The Collections Page presents a table of all of your NFT data aggregated either by a collection or creator. By enabling sorting through various fields such as Spent Amount, Sold Amount, and Floor Value, we enable you to easily track the performance of each collection in your portfolio.

The Free Tier has very limited functionality on the Collections page. You are able to see only the first row and all of the sorting filters are disabled.

The first thing that you can do on this page is you can decide whether you want to aggregate the data by a Collection or by a Creator. It is very common for collectors to have multiple NFTs from the same creator, and usually, the NFTs from the same creators have highly correlated market dynamics. Once you have selected the aggregating field, in each row, we show the aggregated data. By clicking on the column titles, you are able to sort the data by the desired property of interest. On the other hand, by clicking on the rows we bring you to the Activity Page where you can observe the detailed activity of the collection of interest.

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