The Settings page enables you to configure your portfolio and your experience on Asalytic. You can configure your Favorite NFTs, Collections, Creators, and Listings. Every user who is part of the Premium Tier on Asalytic will have access to their own Settings page.

Linking Multiple Wallets

It is very common for users to have multiple wallets. They want to buy the NFTs with one wallet and store them in a more secure wallet. Since they own both of the wallets, we want to provide them the ability to observe and analyze the data from all of their wallets that they own.

In the Settings page of your portfolio, you are able to link multiple wallets. On Asalytic, you are connected with a single wallet which is noted as your main wallet. Every new wallet that you add to your portfolio is marked as a secondary wallet.

Once you link multiple wallets, everything that you see on your portfolio will be aggregated from all the wallets that you have linked. If you wish to observe the data without using the linked wallets, you can toggle off the Use Linked Wallets switch.

Favorite Collections and Creators

As the number of NFTs and collections grows on Algorand, every user will have a different set of preferences. That is why, on the most commonly used pages on our platform, we want to enable you to easily find the Collections and Creators of interest. By configuring your Favorite Collections and Creators, we will enable you the following 3 features:

  1. On the Home Page of your portfolio, in the aggregated tables the data will be shown only from the configured Favorite Collections and Creators.

  2. On the Collections Page, you should be able to easily observe the activity of your Favorite Collections and Creators.

  3. On the Sales Page, you should be able to easily find the recent sales from your Favorite Collections and Creators.

Favorite NFTs and Favorite Listings

By selecting your Favorite NFTs and Favorite Listings you are able to configure the Home Page of your Portfolio. Only the selected Favorite NFTs will be shown in the Favorite NFTs Carousel. Similarly, only the Favorite Listings will be shown in the Listings carousel on the Home Page of your Portfolio.

Email Notifications

We provide the ability for you to always receive an email whenever we find an NFT sale from your main wallet, or from one of your linked wallets.

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