Do not struggle to find all of your listings and offers across your favorite marketplaces. Always know the most valuable NFTs in your Portfolio. Observer your most profitable and not so much profitable trades.

On the Portfolio Activity, we show all of your activity across the NFT ecosystem on Algorand. By using the collection and creators filters that are only enabled in the Premium Tier, you can easily find any purchase transaction, sold transaction, current listings across the most popular marketplaces, or see whether you have received an offer on your listed NFTs. Besides the activity, for every selected filter we show the aggregated data just above the grid of individual activity. If you have selected multiple creators or collections, then total aggregated data will be summed up to represent the aggregated stats only of the selected collections or creators of interest. In the Free Tier, the Collections and Creators Filters are disabled.

Owned NFTs

The Owned NFTs view shows you all of the NFTs that you currently own. Using Algorand's indexer we are able to obtain all of the assets that you currently own that match our NFT criteria. On top of this, we are able to find all of your listings across the supported marketplaces on Asalytic and show them as your owned NFTs as well.

For each Owned NFT we show the following data:

  • Floor Price - this represents the floor price that we are able to obtain from that collection on the market.

  • Estimated Price - this represents the estimated price by our algorithm of the specific NFT. Usually, the baseline is the floor price and using the past sales from the collection, past sales with specific traits, and listings of specific traits we are trying to provide you with an estimated price of your NFTs. This metric is far from perfect, but it is an attempt to improve upon the floor price. Always take it with a grain of salt.

  • Buy Time and Buy Price - if we are able to find the transaction where you purchased the NFT, we will show the appropriate information on the owned NFT card. In the case when we are not able to find the purchasing transaction, we leave those fields empty.

  • Rank - represents the rank of the NFT within the corresponding collection.

  • Hodling Time - represents how much time has passed since you received the asset in your wallet. If you list your NFT and then de-list it, the hodling time resets since the NFT left your wallet.

Purchased NFTs

The Purchased NFTs view shows all of the NFT purchases by any of your linked wallets. By using our collection and creator filters you are easily able to find the purchases of interest. The sorting criteria enable you to analyze your recent purchases, purchases with the highest or lowest spent amount, and as well the oldest purchases. Note that the ability to link wallets and use Collection/Creator filters is only available in the Premium Tier on Asalytic.

For each purchase transaction, we extract the following information:

  • Time - when the transaction took place.

  • Price - represents the price of the purchased NFT. If you are using a currency other than ALGO, the ALGO price is converted to that specific currency at the time of the sale.

  • Rank - represents the rank of the NFT within the corresponding collection.

  • Platform - shows you on which NFT platform the transaction took place.

  • Creator & Platform fee - represents how much the creator of the NFT and how much the platform earned from this transaction.

  • Seller & Buyer - represents the buyer and the seller of the NFT. In this case, one of your linked wallets will always be the buyer.

Sold NFTs

In The Sold NFTs page, we are showing all the transactions that represent an NFT sale from one of your linked wallets. Additionally, if we were able to find the purchasing transaction for the sold NFT and it was coming from one of your linked wallets, we will show the buying price so you can see how much profit you have made on that particular NFT trade. In case you have linked multiple wallets, for the purchasing transaction we are looking to match any of the linked wallets, not just the wallet that sold the NFT. The various sorting criteria easily enable you to find your recent sales, oldest sales, most profitable sales, or sales with the highest or lowest selling price.

For each sold NFT, we are showing you the following information:

  • Buy Price - if we are able to find the purchasing transaction of the NFT that you have sold, we will show you the buying price. If you are inspecting the sales in a currency other than ALGO, the price will be converted from ALGO to the desired currency at the moment of the purchase. The purchasing transaction can come from any of the linked wallets.

  • Sold Price - represents the price for which you have sold the NFT.

  • Profit - represents the difference between the selling and buying price in the corresponding currency.

NFT Listings

The Listings Page enables you to easily find your listings across the most popular marketplaces on Algorand, such as Rand Gallery, EXA Market, Shufl, Dartroom, ALGOxNFT, and others. It is common for people to use multiple marketplaces for various reasons. Asalytic organizes your listings from the supported marketplaces and enables you to easily track all of your listings in the ecosystem. Additionally, when you are promoting your listings to other people you want them to see all the listings by you, not just the listings from a specific platform.

NFT Offers

Similarly to the listings, we want to show you all of the offers that you have received from your listings in one place. With this, we are saving you the time of checking every marketplace separately. For every received offer, we are showing you as well the wallet that placed the offer. This enables you to track the person and try to negotiate a better price.

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